Getting to know Joanne

I’m an Artist, Photographer, Digital & AI Creator, Author, Speaker, Educator, Coach, Dreamer who's constantly telling everyinoe "It's the Little Things" that make all the difference!


World's Most Curious Human EVER, Really!

Wait, wait, wait, I'm not done yet! I’m also a… 

Risk expert, 

Self-education mastermind, 

Ai obsessed toll utilizer & educator, 

Book-writing, word smithing author, 

Artistic skill avenger, 

Loving self-care activist, 

Stubborn-as-heck achiever and… 


Small-town puppy/kitty parent, 

Frequent flier, 

Official glue for my ever-growing family.

This is in no way a complete list, LOL.

You may not have noticed I’m not just ONE thing!

I’m willing to bet neither are YOU!

My mission is to provide creative entrepreneurs with inspiration and actionable goals and tools so you can build your own meaningful business and achieve the FREEDOM you desire.

It’s always the little things that make the biggest differences in your BIG VISION!

Core Values:

  • P: Proactivity

  • A: Action

  • C: Community

  • E: Empowerment

I definitely didn't get here overnight though.

In fact, quite the opposite...

The journey to creating Little Things was filled with obstacles, setbacks, and moments of self-doubt. There were times when the idea of empowering others felt like a scary and distant dream, overshadowed by the challenges I was facing personally and professionally. It's those challenges that fortified my resolve and deepened my understanding of what empowerment truly means to me.

The clarity that being a change-maker wasn't just about having the right resources or expertise; it was about having the courage to take that first step, no matter how daunting it seemed. Each hurdle became a learning opportunity, each failure a stepping stone to something greater.

The experiences gained along the way were invaluable, shaping not just the my ideas, but also the core values I stand by—Proactivity, Action, Community, Empowerment, encapsulated in the guiding acronym, PACE.

And so, Little Things is more than just a platform; it's a testament to the transformative power of resilience and action. My mission and values are born out of lived struggles, imbuing them with an authenticity that's brought into every product, service, and interaction offered.

Contrary to popular belief, the spark that ignites transformation isn't grand gestures, but everyday actions. It's the courage to take the first step and every little step follwoing that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary becauses little things really do make big visions come to life.

What's more, I did it differently than most...

What's more, I did it differently than most. While many focus solely on traditional routes to create impact—be it through academic qualifications, corporate partnerships, or big-budget campaigns—

I chose a path less traveled. I leaned into the grassroots, embracing the wisdom of lived experiences and community insights to focuc on creating solutions, we co-create them with the very people we aim to empower. This isn't empowerment in theory; this is empowerment in action.

This unique approach has not only made our initiatives more effective but has also fostered a sense of ownership and accountability among our community members. They're not just beneficiaries; they're active participants in a shared mission. By doing things differently, we've managed to create a ripple effect of change that's both sustainable and deeply personal.

It doesn't matter if no one else believes in you.

What matters is if YOU believe in you.

Because once you tap into that inner conviction, you become an unstoppable force for change, not just in your life but in the lives of those around you.

Your belief becomes the catalyst, turning obstacles into stepping stones, doubts into lessons, and dreams into realities. Working towards navigating change; and helping you believe that you're capable of instigating it.

So take that leap of faith, embrace your power, and join in on this extraordinary journey to 'Be the Change.' Your story is waiting to be written, and it starts with believing—in yourself.


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Care to get even more personal?

Here are a few fun facts…

I’m a Midwestern girl!

That means I know a thing or two about the values of community, hard work, and genuine kindness.

Growing up in the heartland has deeply influenced how I approach empowerment—it's not just about individual success, but about lifting up those around you to create a stronger, more resilient family and community.

Whether it's a weekend spent riding the trails up north or summers camping and UTVing, those Midwestern roots remind me daily that the small actions we take can add up to big changes.

Plus, I won't say no to a good cheese curd!